December 18, 2017

Ways to Ensure You Have a Great Trip

Some people might consider me a lucky traveler. I've had almost no issues while traveling. There were a few close calls, but nothing has happened that might ruin my vacation. Or put me in a dangerous situation. Or cost me lots of time and money. A lot of my "luck" while traveling is created by me, and you can create your own luck, too.

Granted, I have certain advantages, such as my brown hair and olive skin. But it's not all biological. 

Guide for Creating Luck:

1) Walk like a local. When exploring wherever you are, walk with confidence. Observe how the locals walk and adopt those practices. Figure out where you need to go before you leave and leave the map in your bag. Pull up a map on your phone that is accessible offline and check that if you must (if you're in a place where you see people on their phones).

2) Before leaving, research cultural norms. Or, spend time observing once you arrive. Again, people will leave you alone if you blend in.

3) Give yourself enough time. Be early to the train station, the airport, the dock, etc. I always arrive earlier than necessary, which helped at times, such as when I lost my Interrail ticket and had to print a new one. I made my train with about two minutes to spare. 

4) Store your passport in the same place every time so that you don't have to frantically search for it. The first thing I do when I return from a trip is put my passport it its storage spot so that it's always where I expect it to be.

5) Watch out for holding high expectations and over-planning. When I travel, I find one or two things I really want to do in the place I'm going and plan the rest once I arrive. It fights FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and allows for a relaxed trip and good memories.

6) Put down the camera and enjoy the space you're in. We form memories by site, not by looking at a place through the lens of a camera. Take a moment to engage your senses. Acknowledge what you see, hear, smell. Recognize how your body feels and reacts to those senses. Build that memory!

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