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Three months!

It has been three months since I launched The Wandering Swami!

It’s safe to say that the site is not where I was expecting it to be at this point.

I thought I would have more content and that my coaching schedule would be up and running.

Instead of being disappointed, though, I’m looking back on what I have accomplished and what I’ve learned (and still need to learn).

I need to learn how to write when I don’t feel inspired. Not only that, I need to learn how to finish the blog posts I start, instead of having 15 half-written blog posts in my drafts folder. I’ve never been great at producing good writing when I’m not feeling inspired. Does anyone have tips or tricks on how to do this? Email me at I’d love to hear from you!

I have accomplished several things, though. I have a functional website that looks good, albeit still basic. I’ve written almost every week. I’ve learned how to use Instagram and have enjoyed playing with it. I’ve stayed encouraged despite being confused and feeling uneasy. I have not had the desire to give up, and I will continue to grow The Wandering Swami. No, it’s not going quickly, but I honestly don’t mind; I’m appreciating the journey.

I still have lots to learn about business. Can I have a thriving business if I’m searching for a few quality followers rather than a large quantity of followers? I hope so. I can’t wait to see what this builds into.

Admittedly, I have dropped the ball--I would have liked to kick myself into gear and posted once per week instead of missing a week or two. I could have been better about working on the blog or other parts of my site on the weekends or after work during the week. I’m going to learn how to put in a full day’s work and still be able to work on my side project. How else will anything get done? (Spoiler: it won’t.)

I’m in Seattle this week helping my mom sort through her storage space and get rid of things that she doesn’t need. Then I’m back to Los Angeles for a day or two to finish packing up my belongings. Then I’m heading to the majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado for the spring and summer seasons. I pledge to keep working on this site and adding to this blog (or to Story Corner in the “Travel” section, or both) during my time off from my other jobs.

And, who knows what stories, anecdotes, and lessons I’ll have to share as I meet new people and swap deep thoughts and ideas. I am confident that there will be plenty! After all, that’s half the fun of wandering.