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Real Talk

I'm not here to sugar coat things. I'm here to encourage you. I'm here to share my experiences and be as real as I can with you. My views are mine alone, and I won't claim that they belong to anyone else. I'll make generalizations, I'll have opinions, but I will never tell you how you should feel or be. You have to discover that for yourself.

My experiences are in no way universal, either. I won't apologize for the adversity I've faced, even if it hasn't been what many might consider bad or tough. No, I haven't lived on the streets having to beg for food. That has not been part of my journey. I have, however, had to overcome pride and ego and ask for help, which is by no means "easy". The adversity we face is tailored to our experiences.

Because my experiences are not universal, I plan to publish guest posts by those who have faced different types of challenges and adversity. I intend to bring to you diverse points of views and experiences.

Please reach out if something I have or one of my guests has written resonates with you. I also invite you to contact me with constructive feedback and perspectives other than my own so that I, too, may grow and learn!

With love,