You know that feeling you get when you walk into a previously messy room after someone organized and cleaned it?


That’s what I want you to feel when you look at your digital world.

 Together, we can accomplish this. 

But, also, let me take some of that work off of your lap.



  • having clearly laid-out and manageable to-do lists that don't trigger your anxiety

  • opening your Google Drive and having your files organized into logical folders

  • building routines that don't leave you feeling trapped in a boring pattern

  • being held accountable by someone who wants to see you succeed and bases expectations on your definition of success

  • having access to someone with a vast variety of skillsets and wisdoms


If you said "yes!" to any of these, then you're in the right place.





A four-week, personalized program that will leave you more secure about your ability to tackle everything that comes across your entrepreneurial lap and feeling less anxious when looking at your digital world.


My specialties are creating approachable, organized task-lists, cleaning up inboxes, creating thoughtful file-streams, and organizing calendars. (I am most familiar with Google products but am willing to learn other systems.)


A program MIGHT look like this:


Week 1: I’ll organize your task list

Week 2: I’ll organize your inbox

Week 3: I’ll organize your calendar

Week 4: I’ll organize your cloud drive


Or like this:


Week 1: inbox

Week 2: inbox

Week 3: inbox

Week 4: inbox


I’ll set up the system so that all you have to do is follow it. 


Hi, I’m Karlin


I help high-functioning, anxious entrepreneurs who hate routine implement mindful systems that allow them to enjoy more time on the beach.


I offer bullshit-free assistance with implementing systems that increase productivity. I have a flair for care and a diagnosed case of anxiety. I like shoes that sparkle, talking mental health, and helping people shed mindsets that don’t serve them.


I have spent a lot of time thinking critically about my experience and coming up with ways to manage the anxious thoughts that have previously held me back. (Let's be honest--they still do sometimes.) Being organized and having a clear task list have been game-changers for me, and they can be for you, too!


What you get


Enjoy one risk-free 30 minute Zoom meeting to consult about and assess your organizing needs before committing to a plan

And then...

For $648, you will receive: 

  • 12 hours of work from me over 4 weeks where I organize your files, emails, calendar, and/or task list

  • A detailed description of how your new system works and how to maintain its organized state

  • The option of hiring me for an additional 4, 6, or 8 hours of work after the initial month for a reduced fee

  • A guarantee of absolute confidentiality from me (I'll even sign an NDA if you produce one)

  • Tips on managing your anxious feelings and mindset (optional)

  • More time to enjoy the beach, mountains, family, etc

  • Access to me via Voxer for up to 2 weeks after our contract ends



Initial $648 for the initial 12 hours/4 weeks

$420 for 8 hours/ 4 weeks

$315 for 6 hours/ 3 weeks

$210 for 4 hours/ 2 weeks



While I will do my best to completely organize the part of your digital world we decide to focus on, I cannot guarantee that every email or file will be sorted. Sometimes there just isn't time! That's where the added packages come in handy.


People say: 


Ali fujino, former director, the drachen foundation: Karlin is the best of professional packages---a great set of tools to help fill any contractual gap---do not hesitate to email her for her assistance.

Katie Davis, owner, SadShop.Co: Karlin has supported multiple aspects of my business from administrative to logistical to creative. She is multi-talented, compassionate, sharp, and insightful. I recommend her to everyone I know!

Hannah LePoidevin, actor: Karlin is a patient listener and considerate in her responses. Her ability to see from other points of view has provided insights that have enabled me to move past upsetting interactions. The way she communicates with care and clarity has inspired the way I have approved conversations in my own life.


 Are you ready to say YES to being more organized? Claim your FREE 30-minute consultation call today!